Jaipur based Brothers Laboratories offering high quality testing services, water testing solutions, water analysis services, food product testing services, mineral density testing services etc. Our Services are Drugs Testing Services, Food Testing Services, Water Testing Services, Mineral Testing Services, Liquor Testing Services & Chemical Testing Services in Jaipur.
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Water Testing

Water Testing
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We are involved into testing all types of water from groundwater to waste water. The water testing solutions are provided to ensure thatthe water is fit to drink and use for daily courses. We take samples of waterand check the amount of impurity in the water and ensure that which sample isas per the usage marks as set by the water board. At our lab we have theadvance Water Testing Equipment and Drinking Water Testing Kit to test thesamples of water with utmost precision. Clients can also avail from us Demineralised Water Testing services. Theoffered services are as per the industry standards and have been appreciated bythe clients. Our services are timely executed and are economically priced.


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